Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service:

Sheba ambulance service is one of the leading and trusted ambulance service providers in Bangladesh. Our services are designed to help our clients get their family, friends or loved ones out of critical situations quickly and efficiently. We also provide transport home from the hospital for those who are too ill to travel alone. Our specialist vehicles include ambulances and ICU minibuses and various commercial vehicles.

We are licensed and qualified by Bangladesh government agencies to provide emergency medical services. Our team of experienced paramedics are dedicated to providing quality care to our clients in any situation.

Our team is fully trained in CPR and First Aid, allowing us to provide the best possible care for our patients. We also have a fleet of modern vehicles equipped with the latest safety features and equipment. We are the top leading ambulance service provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are ready to provide you ambulance service in 24/7.

AC Ambulance Service

We are the best Ac ambulance service provider in Dhaka. It is the largest and very fast service company for transporting patients or dead bodies. In Ac Ambulance 7/8 people who can sit and relax next to a sick person or dead body. Ac Ambulance is best for all kinds of people and its rental is simple. In Dhaka we provide 24-hour emergency services. Call us for emergency services.

Non-AC Ambulance Service

Non-Ac Ambulance are usually used for patient transportation which are cheaper than Ac ambulance. This ambulance uses options for 7/8 people who can sit and relax beside the patient or dead body. Non-communication outpatient services are most suitable for all types of people and are easy to rent. Outpatient services available 24/7. You can rent an ambulance with confidence, so call an ambulance.

Dead body transporter ambulance

This is an ambulance that transports dead bodies. It has a freezer box. We provide latest model ambulance service in Dhaka in all parts of Bangladesh. Refrigerated ambulances can disturb corpses for hours and days.

Life Support ICU Ambulance Service

Life Support ICU Ambulance is an emergency service that transports seriously injured patients to hospital. Ambulances with emergency warning lights and sirens (L&S) can be seen on the road. They are ready to fulfill their duty to take care of serious patients and take them to the nearby hospital.

You can find an ICU anywhere in the country where you live, but especially in Bangladesh, you need to find a good ICU that works perfectly. That is why we are here. We have gathered a lot of information including the availability of different ICU clinics in different parts of the country.

A life support ambulance is an essential option that needs to be kept in touch. No one knows when an ambulance will be needed.

If you have a family member who is at risk of falling, has a severe heart condition, a newborn, or has a neurological condition, it’s a good idea to keep ambulance contact information in your phone book or cell phone. Our ICU ambulance services are available everywhere, not only in Dhaka but across the country.  Here we have listed some contact numbers for Life Support Ambulance in Dhaka. There are different types of ambulances.

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