Special Event

Special Event

Have a special event in the future that requires a lot of rental cars? Have a wedding, family or reunion, or a corporate event that requires a lot of planning? Sheba Car Hire Service can help.

Offers Sheba car rental options as well as invitations and travel guides so guests can enjoy Sheba car rental prices and services.

Guests can enjoy special offers including unlimited miles. When booking, quotes are compared with published available prices so that guests can get the best price. Specials on extended travel are valid for two weeks before and after the event. All travel plans include daily, weekend and weekly rentals.

At Sheba car rental, every event is a special one, and our guests deserve the same exceptional standard of service that Sheba car rental provides to all of our clients.


  • Enjoy highly competitive pricing.
  • A reservation number and email for you and your guests only.
  • Sheba car rental staff are assigned to special events to answer questions and help make final changes.