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September 4, 2022
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Amazing resort in Bangladesh!

Amazing resort in Bangladesh!

Amazing resort in Bangladesh!

Our daily lives have become so mechanized and our cities so polluted that sometimes we need a break from the hectic city life. If we do not have a long vacation to travel away from our city, then we can spend good time in various well-designed resorts around Dhaka.

 Sarah Resort:

Sarah Resort is a unique resort with modern facilities and amenities located in Rajabari at Gazipur. Water sports, cycling, boating, children’s play area, swimming pool, gym, parking, 9D movies make this resort special. There you will also have the most luxurious cottages and villas beautifully decorated. So if you want to spend a great vacation with family and friends, we highly recommend this resort.

Bhawal Resort & Spa:

Bhawal Resort is an elegant resort surrounded by tropical rainforest located in Gazipur, approximately 39 km from Hazrat Shahjalal Airport. It is an exotic resort with 61 cabanas divided into 7 categories, an open restaurant with an abundance of food, a poolside cafe, a swimming pool and a children’s area. If you want to appear in picturesque beauty, you should visit here.

Rajendra Eco Resort and Village:

Rajendra Eco Resort & Village is one of the largest resorts in Bangladesh with 57 cottages and 100 rooms in Bhabanipur Bazar in Ghazipur. This is a first class resort with many facilities such as mud house with hydromassage, swimming pool, picnic area, farmhouse, beautiful lake, boating, fishing and BBQ, juice corner, restaurant, kids area, badminton court, tennis court, gym and mosque. A visit to this resort is recommended due to the many facilities.

Base camp:

The base camp is located in Rajendrapur, Gazipur and is the best place to spend a vacation full of fun and interesting activities. There you will find adventure activities such as off-road bike trails, zipline, archery, tree and ground challenges, barbecue, large pools and forests. Before you come here, you should bring some important things such as T-shirts, enough clothes, swimming shorts, towels, hats, sunglasses, notebooks and pens. So, to make your holiday daring, you must go here.

Lakeshore Resort:

Lakeshore Resort is located on the banks of Lake Kaptai, one of the most spectacular lakes in Bangladesh, surrounded by majestic mountain roads. Here you can swim, rent boats for sightseeing cruises, enjoy green mountains and green waters, and visit indigenous villages. Hotel facilities include parking, swimming pool, children’s playground, restaurant with quality food and 24-hour room service. So if you want to enjoy sparkling beauty and ornate decor, this resort is for you.

Dhaka Resort:

Dhaka Resort is one of the best resorts in Bangladesh, famous for its beautiful Bhawal Ghor and rainforest in Ghazpur. Its magnificent natural beauty is indescribable. There are warm picnic spots, a new swimming pool, indoor games facilities, camping tents and BBQ facilities, boating and fishing equipment, gardens, giant Shalbon trees, children’s areas, modern cabins and a historic pond. It’s great to live here, you should visit here.

Jamuna Resort:

Jamuna Resort is a richly decorated resort where you can feel the exotic environment. It is a model resort that combines romance and a family atmosphere. It has a children’s amusement park, an auditorium, a conference room, a conference center, a spacious outdoor area, etc. In addition, every corner of the resort is full of rich atmosphere, and various decorations are made of wood, bamboo and traditional styles.This resort is located by the fabled river Jamuna where you should spend your vacation.

Padma Resort:

Padma Resort is the perfect retreat for those who are extremely bored with their busy lives and want to spend a few days relaxing. It is located in front of the Padma River and it takes about 100 minutes to reach the resort. There are green sandy beaches, restaurants, beautiful surroundings, outdoor and indoor playgrounds, a boating course (rubber boats, motor boats, country boats and fishing boats) and a large outdoor area with 16 wooden huts. So if you want to enjoy the view of Padma river, we highly recommend this resort.

Mawa Resort:

If you want to extend your vacation in a place of unparalleled beauty, Mawa Resort will be your best choice with realistic accommodation prices right in your pocket. There is a football and cricket pitch, a fortified food restaurant called “East West” where you can enjoy different types of fresh fish from the river and nicely furnished huts. It is about 38 kilometers from Dhaka, so you can easily get there.

Dream Square Resort:

Dream Square Resort is a luxury resort with a beautiful natural landscape surrounded by expansive breathtaking areas, blue swimming pools and traditional restaurants. There are different types of rooms such as Standard Room, Superior Room, Prestige Room, Deluxe Mud House Room, Dream Executive Room and Executive Room. So if you want to enjoy a different type of life then this resort is perfect.

Green View Resort:

Green View Resort, known for its unique accommodation system, is located about 6 km from Northern University. There are 31 beautifully furnished rooms, a family bungalow, a large pond, a banquet hall, 2 large banquet halls, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a grill, a picnic area, an outdoor pool, a fountain, a gym, a small zoo with various birds and deer, a children’s park, billiards room, tent camping and camp bush. So it can be said that if you want to enjoy every type of environment in one place, Green View Resort is for you.

Arshinagar Resort:

Arshinagar Resort located in Joydebpur, Gazipur. This is one of the most charming places to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and watch the sunrise and sunset. The resort has complete facilities, rich restaurants, large swimming pools, barbecue, good parking, playgrounds and strong security. So if you want to feel deep happiness, you should come here.

Reverie Resort:

With the concept of eco-tourism, Reverie Resort provides tourists with a unique holiday experience. About 10 km from Dhaka, 3 acres of land with green atmosphere, forest, harvest fields, fruit and gardens, picnic areas, ponds, modern bungalows, tent facilities, workshops and BBQ parties. Therefore, if you want to experience a natural life that is different from the busy city life, this is the place for you.

Nokkhottrobari Resort:

Nokkhottrobari is the most attractive and traditional resort near Dhaka, where you can find many places to relax and a beautiful setting to spend your holiday with family and friends. Spread over 14 large plots, the resort has 11 beautifully furnished, well-appointed cabins made of bamboo and wood. So, if you want to have a friendly time, this is your best bet.

Chuti Resort:

Situated on 54 acres of land in Sukundi village, 3 km from Gazipur. Chuti Resort and Picnic Spot is authentic for recreational hunters. Ecological cottages, beautiful lakes, aviaries, tents, children’s corner, traditional food, horse riding make this place special. This is an amazing site full of lots of fun material to make your day great.

Angana Resort:

Angana Resort is a beautiful 18 acres of land in Surjo Narayanpur Village, Kapasia, Gazipur. It is a peaceful village setting with beautiful gardens, ponds, playgrounds, swimming pools, badminton courts and fields. Angana Resort is therefore an ideal resort for those who like to feel green and want to spend time and relax.

Shohag Polli Resort & Picnic Spot :

The main attraction of the Resort is the suspension bridge over the swimming pool. Located on 10 acres of green field at Kalampur, Gazipur. There is a lake, gardens, restaurant “Hotel Mejban” where you can find Bengali, Thai, Chinese, Indian cuisine, superior cabins and strict security measures.

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